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On this site we also host our Dollars To Pounds calculator so you can convert dollars to pounds even if you're having trouble with the calculator on the homepage.

To use this calculator simply enter the amount (dollars or pounds) into the converter on the right hand side and you'll instant get the converted amount in the other currency.

Please feel free to directly link to this site in the future if you wish to convert US Dollars to Pounds Sterling. Thank you.

Why do people use this site?

Many people use this site to quickly convert the Pounds to Dollars. It could be holiday money, for purchasing, or just plain curiosity. The main thing is that you can access this website from anywhere in the world from your bookmarks or a quick search. Please use this site to convert pounds to dollars in the future.

Dollars to Pounds Converter

Simply enter the figures into the calculator below...

Dollars ($, USD)   Pound (£, GBP)

Exchange Rate & Currency updated DAILY. 1 Dollar ($, USD) = 1.29749985 Pounds (£, GBP) (updated 14-07-2024 22:00)



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